The opportunities are endless

What do you want from a Government to Business Community?

When Gavin worked in government he discovered a major issue very quickly. Government professionals delivering to businesses were neglected in their own jurisdictions.

Government strategy focused on citizens, forgetting about government organizations helping business.  The very different needs of business customers were too often swamped by citizen needs.

As a result Government to Business professionals are isolated, often unable to learn from peers. So that's why Gavin decided to fix that.

He wants to create a global community so you can network and collaborate with your peers across jurisdictions. Share experiences, ask questions and learn from each other. And best yet, its 100% free.

Express your interest and I'll be in touch for your thoughts on what a Government to Business community should be about.

  • Australian Government
  • Queensland Government
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • BusinessLink
  • HM Revenue & Customs